Workshops at The Forge in November

Writer Dawn Garisch will be fascilitating a Stretch Class for the Imagination workshop and musician Ronan Skillen will give a short course in Tabla playing next month.

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Bonding and Belonging - a transgenerational exploration of the family system

Bonding and Belonging: a transgenerational exploration of the family system - Family Constellation Development Workshop with Robyn Lewis

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The Present Holds the Past - a personal issues workshop

The Present Holds the Past - a personal issues workshop with Robyn Lewis

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Working with your Life Stories

A workshop on Writing Memoir fascilitated by Dawn Garisch

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Sound Playshop

Christopher Tokalon beautiful, harmonious and resonant sounds which provide an access to your inner stillness and vitality, restoring your balance and releasing the residue of accumulated trauma. This leaves you calm, energised and at peace – ready to face life’s challenges and journeys

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Constellation Workshop: The Present Holds the Past

Who is missing, who belongs, who is excluded in a family system? Using the constellation modality we will make visible the invisible bonds that bind you to the family system. We will explore how these “invisible loyalties” to the wider family system may continue to affect your life, and how to move towards a good solution.

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Surprise Apnea - Breathing Workshop with freediver Hanli Prinsloo

Surprise Apnea- Freediving for Surfers

Freediving offers a wealth of knowledge for surfers to become comfortable with extended periods of time under water. The course covers the mental, physical and physiological effects of being held down under a wave. Learning about the body´s fantastic adaptation to breathhold offers a surfer the confidence to surf bigger, heavier waves, knowing you will be ok with whatever the Ocean throws at you.

For more about Hanli and her ocean conservation trust “i am water” visit

Working with your Life Stories - Workshop on writing memoir

Writing is a way of getting to know who you are, what you are feeling and how you relate. Writing memoir focuses this on the themes in one’s life – the evolving pattern that binds our journey from birth to death into a whole coherent piece.

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Introduction to Family Constellation work

Here is an open invitation that goes out to anyone who is interested in Family Constellations to attend a free introductory evening.

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Finding out What Moves You

A movement workshop facilitated by Dawn Garisch

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Working with Your Life Images

A Workshop on accessing creativity facilitated by Dawn Garisch

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