A performance where digital art, music and soundscapes coalesce.

Saturday 27 October 8pm
12 Windsor Road
Bookings essential: SMS 0731896040
Please note: No parking in Windsor Road.

Ed Loverock Babb - digital painting projection
Maxim Starcke - soprano saxophone, electric guitar, electronics, soundscape compositions, field recordings, effects
Ronan Skillen - tabla, hybrid percussion kit, udu drum, kitchi gbo, thunder sheet, slide didgeridoo, effects

Ronan Skillen
Ronan’s musical career started age ten with 7 years of classical French horn training in Germany. He was given his first ‘real’ didgeridoo by master drummer, Emmanuel Gomado from Ghana, and was fortunate to meet a great Tabla maestro, Ustad Akram Khan, in 2003. Ronan has been exploring a fusion of tabla, percussion and didgeridoo within one context by means of a hybrid percussion kit which he has designed. This has become part of his permanent set-up and demonstrates a rich textural variety as well as an intriguing versatility. Many of his instruments are hand made by him and often come directly from percussion sounds found in nature. Ronan has featured his sound in genres across the board from classical through rock, folk, electro, jazz, world music and hip hop. Ronan has performed in S.A., Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, U.K. & India and has featured on many recordings and film scores.

Some noteworthy collaborations include performances with Johnny Clegg, Ricardo Garcia from Spain, Jazzart, Freshlyground, Hot Water, La Rosa- Spanish Dance Theatre , Cherif Sisokho from Senegal, Monique Hellenberg, Hilton Schilder, Babu, Jan Galega Brönnimann, Saadet Türköz, Nadja Stoller, Omri Hason, Werner Hasler, Guy Collins and TONIK which won a SAMA (South African Music Award) for ‘Best Instrumental Album 2008′.

Ed Loverock Babb
Babb is artist and photographer who has been working in the film industry for the last 7 years, doing post-production and visual effects work for clients such as Passion Pictures, the BBC, Nexus and Mainframe. Because his commercial work often involves photorealism, Babb’s art is an opportunity for expression, abstraction and play. Recently he exhibited alongside Dylan Culhane and Raoul Goetze at the opening of POST’s new gallery space at the Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock. Babb’s work, both art and photography, has been included in several publications, including Digital Photographer, African Digital Art, Behance, and several others. He has spent much of the last few years alternating between work in the visual effects industry and extended travel, through South East Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia), Peru, Brazil, Europe and Central Africa, documenting his travels along the way.

Maxim Starcke
Max is a multi-instrumentalist performing on guitar, saxophone, electric bass, laptop and electronics. He is a composer of contemporary classical-, electroacoustic- and soundscape-based music and is currently completing a Masters in Composition at the South African College of Music, UCT.

Max has performed extensively - locally and internationally - and recorded with bands and projects of various genres since the late 1990s. Some highlights include: metal band Damnatia, SAMA-nominated Jazz group the Lisa Bauer Quartet (having recently performed at the 2011 Cape Town International Jazz Festival), world music/rock legends Starkravingsane, afro-funk outfit Alan Funk, improvisation and loop-based electro-acoustic soundscape music duo Howell & Starcke and most recently in an electroacoustic improvisation duo with percussionist Ronan Skillen (both of these respective duos having performed at the On The Edge Of Wrong Festival and regularly at The Forge), amongst a host of other musicians, artists, productions and projects. Max has also collaborated and worked with the La Rosa Spanish Dance Theatre, Hot Water, Tonik, performance artist Leila Anderson, theatre director Sanjin Muftic, film director Ben Collins, Norwegian improvisor Morten Minothi Kristiansen, MotSol, drummer Øyvind Skarbø and storyteller Torgrim Mellum Stene.