The music of Christopher Culpo is unclassifiable having its place in the world of theater and dance, in clubs and concert halls. As a performer and composer, Culpo lies at the confluence of contemporary classical music, jazz and free improvisation. In February 2012 Culpo was awarded the Clefworks composition prize and his string quartet Of Ground, or Air, or Ought- which was premiered by the ETHEL quartet in Montgomery, Alabama.

His September 7 concert at the Forge will be in 2 parts: a solo followed by his accompanying a projection of images by artist Anne Graaff’s The Fan Book Series.

Watch a video of Paper Doves being perfomed here

7 September 2012
19:30 for 20:00 start
12 Windsor Road, Kalk Bay
For booking enquiries please contact Christopher at
Tickets: R80, also available at the door.


More about Christpher Culpo:
Culpo has earned degrees in composition from Boston University and The Juilliard School, where he studied amongst others with Milton Babbitt and David del Tredici. He also studied piano and improvisation with Charles Banacos. Following his studies at Juilliard, Mr. Culpo was personal assistant to Aaron Copland and an active Teaching Artist for the Lincoln Center Institute. As a composer he has written for the ballet, modern dance, incidental music for the theatre, musical comedy, chamber and symphonic music and an opera. He also improvises music for silent films, notably many of Buster Keaton, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Since receiving a Fulbright scholarship to work with Tristan Murail in Paris in 1991, Mr. Culpo has lived and worked in Europe.

About Anne Graaff:
Living in Paris, South African born artist-writer-teacher, Anne Graaff, continues to explore the genre of the artist’s book in The Fan Books. As an artist, she likes to alternate between working with the book format and oil-painting on canvas. Her books have taken many forms over the years and are informed by an MA Fine Art degree specializing in contemporary book art. Sometimes the books are hand-made and sometimes she works, or reworks, ready-made books.

In this recent series, The Fan Books, she has adopted the traditional Asian sketch book. Capable of folding out into long horizontal paper-paths, this format provides a suitable surface for the transcription of mark marking, which, like a continuously flowing river, attempts to capture a progression that can be viewed without interruption. The idea of art as a form of text is important to her. The book format, in The Fan Books, provides a convenient reminder that the visual artist creates a text to convey relational meaning, much as the writer or the composer does.

Some of the current books have a close connection with music. They are created in collaboration with musician, Christopher Culpo, in order to create a visual equivalent to some of his musical compositions. Others are created as visual compositions in their own right, visual equivalents of musical scores, that might become an impetus for musical interpretation.

Other of The Fan Books have a different origin. They are a form of the diary or the poem. They are connected with an attempt to capture mood, atmosphere and place through visual mark making (akin to writing, but more direct and visceral than conventional language created from alphabetic sign).

Some of The Fan Books have written notations on the back, expressing in words as well as in visual mark-making. But the two streams - the visual and the written, are kept separate, understood as different but parallel forms of evocation.

The Fan Books are an ongoing series that the artist has now been working on for nearly a year.

Please note seating is limited.

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